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So much to do in your business, so little time to create a website.

The good news is, you don't have to create a website yourself.  You can hire me to do it for you!

It doesn't matter if you need a custom website or a redesign of your existing website, a bunch of updates or just a few, I've got all your website needs taken care of. 

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Custom Website Design

Website Redesign

Website Maintenance

Full Design Days

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Custom Website Design

No boring, plain-Jane, run of the mill website for you. This option is perfect if you want a truly custom website aligned with your branding and copy built on either WordPress, ShowIt, or Shopify.

Included in this masterpiece is:
  • up to 5 pages 
  • SEO set up
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Google Search Console set up
  • Optimized to look good on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
  • Built with your brand in mind and set up to convert visitors into customers

Not included:
  • copy
  • branding
  • custom photography (free stock photography from Pexels or Pixabay will be used as placeholder images)
  • hosting, domain, or any associated platform/plugin fees.


let's do this together

prices range from $1,750 USD to $5,750 USD depending on platform and project scope.


Every Legally Blonde fan knows "Don't fight the fabric, change it". The same epiphany can be applied to your website. If your website just isn't working for your business anymore, it may be time for a website redesign! Who doesn't love a good makeover anyways?

Included with every makeover is:
  • redesign brainstorm session (we'll discuss your current website and what you love, what you hate, what you think could be better)
  • redesign of header, footer, and up to 3 pages
  • sitewide font and color refresh
  • swapping out any updated branding

Not included:
  • copy (I have an amazing copywriter I can refer you to!)
  • hosting, domain, or any associated platform/plugin fees.
  • snap cups or bend and snaps (iykyk)

Website Redesign

let's do this together

A flat rate of $1,250. This is only available for websites built with WordPress, ShowIt, or Shopify.


A Website in a Week is not impossible.  For business owners who already have their branding and copy and need a website like yesterday, this service is the perfect solution.

With the Website in a Week Service, you get:
  • A semi-custom website built on WordPress, ShowIt, or Shopify (I'll use one of my ready to edit templates I've created and add your branding and copy to make it shine with your brand voice & vision)
  • Kickoff call on Zoom (there will be a LOT of coffee and possibly some dancing to get ready)
  • Videos to show off all the snazzy work done at the end of the project (you can keep them to refer back to)
  • 21 days of post-project support

Not included:
  • copy (I have an amazing copywriter I can refer you to!)
  • hosting, domain, or any associated platform/plugin fees.
  • good dancing (on my end anyways)

Website in a Week

let's do this together

a flat rate of $3,000
(50% due when booking and remaining 50% due before kickoff)


If you've been holding off on completing lots of tweaks and minor updates to your website, stop. Our half VIP design day is the perfect answer for you. This is great for knocking out all the little things!

Included in this mini design day:
  • 4 hours of web design services performed by yours truly
  • a kickoff call where we run through the punch list one more time
  • videos showing you what was accomplished in a mere 4 hours

Not included:
  • copy
  • hosting, domain, or any associated platform/plugin fees

Mini Design Day

let's do this together

a flat rate of $1,500
(50% due when booking design day and remaining 50% due before kickoff)


You know what's worse than laundry? OK, nothing is worse than laundry (whoever enjoys laundry is a crazy person!), but keeping up with all the plugin updates, security monitoring, blah blah blah that comes with having a website. Don't worry though, I'm the crazy person who enjoys handling the small stuff like that so you don't have to.  

Included in this monthly support is:
  • monitoring security of your website (no hackers or spammers on my watch!)
  • handling the plugin updates to keep things running nice and smooth
  • a complimentary hour of support (for those pesky little things that slip through the cracks)

Website Maintenance

let's do this together

you can pay a monthly rate of $150 or you can be smart and save by paying $1,500 annually.

A minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

is a custom website design not in your budget right now?

I have ShowIt templates for business owners like you who would love to have a custom website but don't have it in their budget.

ShowIt is a super easy platform for business owners to work with. It's visual, drag and drop, not too many options or buttons to mess with. It can be a bit intimidating starting from scratch though. That's where a template makes it even EASIER for you!

But Ellie, don't templates all look the same in the end? WordPress ones can end up being repetitive yes. However, my ShowIt templates are easy to edit the layout, swap out fonts, update colors, etc. to truly make it your own website without having to stretch yourself thin trying to afford my custom website design services.

Best part is, my templates will only cost $350

You can still have a quality website that converts visitors into sales.

Shop the templates